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Details Acinetobacter-Biology-and-Pathogenesis-Infectious-Agents-and-Pathogenesis

There is currently increasing interest concerning the biology and disease caused by Acinetobacter species. Such interest, however, developed relatively slowly because of the necessity to clarify the confusing taxonomy of these organisms. Much work was ...

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Details Virology-Molecular-Biology-and-Pathogenesis

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Details Gallstones-Pathogenesis-and-Treatment-Falk-Symposium-Band-139

This book, the proceedings of the Falk Syposium No. 139 on "Gallstones: Pathogenesis and Treatment", held in Freiburg, Germany, on January 15-16, 2004, reflects the tremendous advances in the field of biliary diseases both at the genetic and cellular ...

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Details Rickettsial-Infection-and-Immunity-Infectious-Agents-and-Pathogenesis

As a group, rickettsiae, and related bacteria, contain a number of human pathogens that have recently named as causes of `emerging diseases'. This unique volume offers a thorough and current review of information on the pathogenesis and immune ...

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Details Osteoarthritis-Pathogenesis-Diagnosis-Available-Treatments-Drug-Safety-Regenerative-and-Precision-Medicine

This comprehensive book grants readers exclusive insight into current advancements in the field of osteoarthritis (OA). Contributions from leading scientists and clinicians provide a detailed introduction into current understanding of the pathogenesis ...